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Impressions from Scaling Bitcoin workshop

Last week I attended Scaling Bitcoin in Hong Kong. I will try to summarize my main takeaways from that. Segregated witness The talk that caused most buzz was Pieter Wuille on segregated witness. This is a really interesting idea that’s actually implemented (sort...

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I’ll talk at Scaling Bitcoin in Hong Kong

I’m attending Scaling Bitcoin in Hong Kong to present my and Rusty Russell‘s work on IBLT and Weak Blocks. We’ll start on the 7th at 12:15 local time, or 04:00 UTC. Schedule here. My part of the talk will cover IBLT specific statistical analyses,...

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Proof of Payment in Mycelium

Mycelium has implemented Proof of Payment (BIP120 and BIP121), and I’m really glad they did. It’s one of the most popular wallets out there. Plus, I implemented most of it. I’d like to show you how smooth the user experience can be when PoP is used...

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Proof of Payment explained

I have written two BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal), BIP120 and BIP121, that specify how a wallet can prove that it has made a payment. This blog post takes a stab at explaining this process. If you want to play with this, install Mycelium on android and go to my...

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IBLT part V: Simulating reality

<< Part IV | This is Part V of a multi-part series on Bitcoin block propagation with IBLT. Rusty Russell has dumped mempool data from 4 different nodes around the globe. It covers a week’s worth of data. The purpose of the dumps was to get an idea on how...

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IBLT Part IV: Increasing differences

<< Part III | This is Part IV of a multi-part series on Bitcoin block propagation with IBLT. | Part V >> Failure probability will increase when we squeeze more differences into the IBLT. Basically, I want to answer the following question: How will failure...

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IBLT, Part III: Failure probability and scaling

<< Part II | This is Part III of a multi-part series on Bitcoin block propagation with IBLT. | Part IV >> I want to get idea on how failure probability, the probaility that decoding of the IBLT fails, depends on cellCount. So the question is How fast does...

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Kalle Rosenbaum

Please drop me a line at, or @kallerosenbaum on Twitter.