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At Popeller we will help you with all aspects of Bitcoin. Everything from training to coding. With our deep knowledge on blockchain technology you can be sure to achieve your goals in the Bitcoin space. We speak English and Swedish



Bitcoin can be explained at different levels from the bits and bytes of the core protocol up to a bird’s view. Most levels can also be explained to different audiences, like school kids, computer geeks or business people. We’ll figure out just the right mix for you.


Getting up and running with Bitcoin is usually a smooth process, but it will require that you think through your needs and your security. We will help you develop your Bitcoin strategy, start accepting Bitcoin and secure your keys.


If you have an idea related to Bitcoin that you want to build a business around, you probably need some expertise to discuss with and to validate the idea. It can save you vast amounts of money and resources if you nail down the mistakes early in the process.


Transforming an idea into code will take time and a lot of testing. We will let you focus on your idea, while we take care of the coding. Our consultants are highly skilled developers that take the extra step to ensure high quality. Our specialty: Java.

Kalle Rosenbaum

Kalle Rosenbaum


I’ve been a computer scientist for 15+ years and started my Bitcoin journey early 2013. Since then my passion for Bitcoin has grown out of proportion. I had no options but to become a consultant and start a Bitcoin consulting company.

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